Morro Data Release Notes 5.3.0

Date: 6/6/2020

Firmware: 5.3.0

MCM Version: 5.3.0

Note: Some features will be disabled or hidden until the firmware on all devices in the account are up to date.


  • Allow copy and delete folders from Team Portal.
  • New VPN app for configuring VPN to CacheDrives in Cloud.
  • Show downsync queue size in the Devices page in MCM.
  • Prefetch priority now matches upsync priority.
  • Allow setting "Hostname in LAN" in ADS mode.
  • Get NTP server setting from DHCP if available. ¬†Added NTP setting for manual network setup at boot.
  • Database optimizations.


  • Removed Team Portal access to Sharepoint Sync and ECHO shares.