Morro Audit is an add-on app that shows you detailed sessions (with Audit Plus enabled) and file activity information for your CacheDrives. For example, you can see which user connected to a CacheDrive at a certain time and accessed specific files.


  • Activation Key to enable feature in Morro Business Plan
  • Included with Morro Enterprise Plan

Installing Morro Audit

The Morro Audit add-on is installed on Business Plan accounts using an Activation Key. If you do not have an Activation Key, please contact Customer Support.

Once you have the Activation Key, please refer to the article Manage Morro Account - Business Admin: Redeem Key.

Once the key is redeemed, go to the Apps page, select Morro Audit, then click Enable Audit.

Using Morro Audit

For more information on how to use Morro Audit, please see the Morro Audit User's Guide.

Audit Plus

Premium features for Audit allows the admin to view Sessions page to check user sessions, manage file locks, and other advanced features. Please contact your account manager to enable it.