Date: 07/22/2019

Firmware: 4.2.5 

MCM Version: 4.2.5

Note: Version 4.2.5 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 4.2.5 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 4.2.5

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version: 4.2.5
  • [New] User List in Share Permission Panel automatically filers out empty entries
    In MCM for domain users with secondary domain group, now only display Domain User group in share permission panel 

  • [New] Gateway access for DFS share
    Allow customers to change Gateway access for DFS share on Device Manager page


  • [Improvement] Amazon Backend optimization for email handling 

            Improved email handling on system backend


  • [Fix] UI layout issue in Gateway Permission panel, Device Manager  

  • [Fix] Pick correct CloudNAS Plan when add/delete devices
  • [Fix] File versioning issue
    Fixed the issue of file overwritten with previous version.

  • [Fix & Improvement]    Morro Audit  
     Fixed the issue when using show detail on "include delete" on Morro Audit. 

  • [Fix & Improvement]   Morro Migrate
    Migrate Share comment can be changed 
    Migrate error handling  
    Fixed the directory permission failure status pass-to-next issue
    Improved Morro Migrate resume process handling when error occurred
  • Other Bug Fixes


  • Morro Audit
    • Morro Audit is share based. Should be enabled for each share. 
    • Morro Audit is included in CloudNAS Enterprise Plan and Design Collaboration Plan. It's an optional add-on for Business Plan.