Date: 06/14/2019

Firmware: 4.2.1 

MCM Version: 4.2.0

Note: Version 4.2.0 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 4.2.0 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 4.2.1

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version: 4.2.0
  • [New] Improvement and changes of UI
    Intuitive Management UI of Morro Cloud Manager (MCM).

  • [New] DFS Root Share
    With DFS Root share, user can access multiples shares or folders from one entry.
  • [New] Azure AD User/Group Import and Management
    Support users/groups importing and setting of roles, user permissions, ACL for user/group before Azure AD user login to Morro Cloud Manager.


  • [New] LDAP Mode
    Support of LDAP mode. Unders LDAP mode there are options of JumpCloud and OpenLDAP. JumpCloud is an option under LDAP mode now. 

  • [New] Support SharePoint Sync in JumpCloud
    Map JumpCloud Accounts (for CloudNAS) and Office 365 accounts (for Sharepoint) with corresponding keys.


  • [New] Replicate/Archive job Management
    Now support Cancel of Replicate / Archive Jobs.

  • [New] Replicate/Archive job schedule option with "do after" condition
    “Do after” option only for Replicate/Archive share. Once enabled, the job of this share will start right after the selected conditional share.

  • [New] Share Link email improvement
    User friendly file share links.

  • [New] Incoming API

            Incoming API is used to control shares or CacheDrive from the 3rd party applications (e.g. Veeam).

  • [New] Outgoing API

    Outgoing API supports sending Replicate/Archive job status to 3rd party applications (e.g. Slack),

  • [New] Slack with RTC for Revit
     Use Slack for status sync in Remote Collaboration for Revit application.

  • [New] Morro Audit
    Morro Audit 
    is now in GA release. 

  • [New] Removed SMBv1 Protocol Access to CacheDrives
    To improve security, SMBv1 access to the CacheDrives has been disabled by default. If SMBv1 access is required, please contact support to enable SMBv1 on the CacheDrives.

  • Bug Fixes


  • Morro Audit
    • Morro Audit is share based. Should be enabled for each share. 
    • Morro Audit is included in CloudNAS Enterprise Plan and Design Collaboration Plan. It's an optional add-on for Business Plan.
  • LDAP/JumpCloud Support
    • In LDAP mode, admin cannot modify LDAP Server address and Base DN, only can change LDAP Bind DN and its password to rejoin JumpCloud.

    • When Office 365 integration is enable and SharePoint Sync is turned on in JumpCloud mode, modifying LDAP Bind DN to rejoin JumpCloud will not affect SharePoint Sync.