Use the Saved Event Stream page to manage event logs that have been created in the Events page.

Morro audit- saved event stream

Event Streams are created on the Events page. Streams are a collection of event logs from the file system that are created based on search criteria such as user, gateway, shares, and date/time.

Download Event Stream

To download a saved Event Stream, click the Download button in the download column of the corresponding event stream row.

Event Stream CSV Format

The downloaded event stream file is in CSV format.  The fields are:

date/timeDate and time of the event.
operationType of event, i.e. create, modified, unlink, etc.
pathPath of the file from the share root.
streamAlternate data streams for the file.  For more information, please see this article:
Alternate Data Streams
argsOperation arguments.
userUser who performed the action in this event.
ipaddrThe IP address of the client PC.
hostThe hostname of the client PC.
deviceThe gateway on which this event occurred.
shareThe share in which this event occurred.

Delete Event Stream

To delete a saved Event Stream, click the Trash icon in the delete column of the corresponding event stream row.