CloudNAS Release Notes 7.1

Date: 4/16/2022

CacheDrive Firmware: 7.1.0 (2/19/22), 7.1.1 (2/26/22), 7.1.2 (3/2/22), 7.1.5 (3/19/22), 7.1.6 (3/23/22), 7.1.7 (4/3/22), 7.1.9 (4/16/2022), 7.1.10 (4/27/2022), 7.1.11 (4/30/2022), 7.1.13 (5/18/2022)

MCM Version: 7.1

Note: Some new features are disabled or hidden until the firmware on all devices in the account are up to date.

Changes in 7.1.13

  • Caution: If you are updating from 7.1.6 or earlier, it is recommended to perform firmware update when the CacheDrive upload queue is not large. 
  • Morro Migrate bug fixes
  • Morro Duplicate bug fixes
  • Fix memory leak in SMB file server

Changes in 7.1.11

  • SMB file server security patches and bug fixes
  • Fix for macOS Finder search 
  • Enhancements for Japanese language UI

Changes in 7.1.10

  • Fixes for Morro Migrate UI for pre-fill date range
  • Fixes for macOS files become unaccessible at sync destinations in certain situations
  • MCM Edit Security feature is now available to both the Business and Global Admins

Changes in 7.1.9

  • Fixes for Morro Migrate
  • Fixes for sluggish upload in certain situations
  • Update Japanese language translation in Morro Cloud Manager and Morro Audit

Changes in 7.1.7

  • This release is a recommended update for Backblaze B2 users.
  • Morro Migrate fix when the source is Public Cloud and destination is Morro Multi-cloud Redundant Storage Pool

Changes in 7.1.6

  • Fix for Backblaze B2 delete file issue

Changes in 7.1.5

  • Security updates
  • Various fixes in Morro Audit, authentication mode switching, Archive share, etc.

Changes in 7.1.2

  • When domain join status shows an error, add a Rejoin Domain button
  • Fix macOS share connection issue when Morro Audit is enabled on the share

Changes in 7.1.1

  • Add file locking support for SketchUp

Changes in 7.1.0

  • Multi-Cloud Redundancy for existing and new shares
    • for files in existing shares, redundancy is added when files are updated
  • Faster file transfer performance for large files
  • Faster disaster recovery for Archive shares
  • Add MCM UI for admin to:
    • help users find misplaced files/folders (MCM>Files>Location History button)
    • manually terminate SMB connections (MCM>Devices>Maintenance menu)
  • Add support for the following IDaaS authentication:
    • Okta
    • OneLogin
  • Microsoft Teams integration for alert messages
  • Morro Duplicate improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Security Related Changes

  • In 7.1.0, the account settings option "Do not allow GA to access all files as admin" is now set to default ON. Please review your account settings.


  • Some of the new features in 7.1 are not supported in the current Morro Connect 2 desktop app. Please see Morro Connect Release Notes for details.

Note: Support for firmware version 6.3.x will end on 3/21/22.

Morro Edge 2.1

Morro Edge WAN 2.1 provides the following improvements: 
  • analytics
  • logs
  • firewall settings for Edge LAN
All Morro Edge devices are required to update to the new 2.1 release. Please see the link below for details.

Morro Edge 2.1.0 Release Notes and Update Procedure

Previous Release Notes