CloudNAS Firmware Release Notes

** Some new features are functional only when all CacheDrives are updated to the latest firmware.

End of Support for old firmware:
- Support for 7.x and earlier has ended
- Support for 8.0.x will end on 11/5/2024

8.1.9 (7/13/2024)

  • Morro Migrate - fix in upload phase
  • Multi-cloud redundancy - fix in status update
  • Morro Audit - fix in speed test for the Wasabi UK region

8.1.8 (7/5/2024)

  • Morro Migrate - fix share naming with special characters

8.1.6 (6/29/2024)

  • Multi-cloud redundancy - improve performance for small files
  • Physical CacheDrive - power button now supports graceful shutdown
  • Physical CacheDrive - fix T600 10GbE interface naming rule

8.1.5 (6/22/2024)

  • Multi-cloud redundancy - fix when adding Wasabi for redundancy
  • Archive share for Wasabi - fix when metadata changes

8.1.4 (6/15/2024)

  • Morro Duplicate - Bug fix on duplicating recovered folders

8.1.3 (6/10/2024)

  • Morro Duplicate - Improve performance for the Seed phase
  • Morro Migrate - Bug fixes

8.1.2 (5/23/2024)

  • Fix poor performance for V201/V101 on particular Hyper-V hosts
  • No need to upgrade firmware unless using V201/V101 and experiencing bad performance. (8.1.1 read performance is 1/10 ~ 1/20 of 8.0.11)

8.1.1 (5/8/2024)

  • Software maintenance updates
  • Performance improvement in Archive share for small files

8.0.11 (3/30/2024)

  • Version Management folder recovery status bug fix
  • Morro Duplicate performance improvement
  • Memory leak fix

8.0.9 (3/2/2024)

  • Morro Audit miscellaneous improvements
  • Morro Clone UI bug fix
  • Version Management bug fix when recovering deleted folder

8.0.8 (2/6/2024)

  • Fix for Wasabi related issues when deleting objects or sharing file/folder links

8.0.4 (2/1/2024)

  • Fix for Morro Duplicate

8.0.3 (1/27/2024)

  • Miscellaneous fixes for 8.0
  • Folder recovery allowing special characters and longer pathnames
  • Revit file locking enhancement

8.0 (1/6/2024)

  • Morro Clone - a new app enabling the replacement of CacheDrive using in-LAN replication
  • Versioning policy - add new rules to keep no prior versions and to keep last version upon delete
  • Prefetch filters - add prefetch customization per device in addition to per share
  • ADS Proxy - add AD Proxy function in the Morro VPN app, enabling remote AD users to access local or cloud CacheDrives without line-of-sight connection to the domain controller
  • Various functional and performance improvements in Morro Migrate, Morro Duplicate, Multicloud, and others.

Changes in 7.4.9 (10/15/2023)

  • Bug fixes in Morro Migrate, share mapping
  • Fine-grained role-based permissions for global admin on create/delete/manage share and versions

Changes in 7.4.8 (9/23/2023)

  • Share / Folder Recovery bug fix
  • Morro Migrate bug fix

Changes in 7.4.7 (8/26/2023)

  • Morro Migrate bug fix
  • Kernel update for security patch and storage system

Changes in 7.4.6 (8/5/2023)

  • Minor fixes in
    • Morro Migrate
    • Multicloud
    • Share mapping while there are upload activities

Changes in 7.4.5 (7/22/2023)

  • Minor improvements in
    • Morro Audit logging upon device shutdown
    • Enhanced connectivity when Internet connection is unstable

Changes in 7.4.4 (7/1/2023)

  • Miscellaneous fixes for
    • Morro Audit
    • Multicloud minor fixes
    • Shadow Copy minor fixes
    • SharePoint Sync fix for empty file

Changes in 7.4.1 (6/17/2023)

  • NTP time sync status 
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Changes in 7.4.0 (6/11/2023)

Changes in 7.3.14 (5/17/2023)

  • Morro Audit: update ransomware detection pattern
  • NTP Sync: improve alert detection

Changes in 7.3.7 (3/11/2023)

  • Allow share delete when all mapped CacheDrives are offline
  • Morro Audit bug fix for ransomware detection

Changes in 7.3.6 (3/7/2023)

  • New V200 SKU for VM-ware
    • Support up to 1 OS disk and 2 Data disks for up to 124TB cache size
  • Preserve configuration file for disk reservation

Changes in 7.3.5 (2/20/2023)

  • Morro Audit 
    • Ransomware detection improvement
    • Bug fixes for event filtering
  • Team Authentication - Active Directory mode
    • Allow admin credentials changes when device is offline
    • Sync share permissions while device cannot access the domain controller
  • Security
    • Fix bug for when adding device with map all shares option, share permissions may not be set properly

Changes in 7.3.3 (1/14/2023)

  • Morro Audit - Ransomware Guard
    • Update coverage for ransomware guard 
  • Morro Versions - Share recovery performance improvement
  • Misc. fixes

Changes in 7.3.1 (1/3/2023)

  • Security Updates
  • Morro Audit
    • Add more diagnostic functions
  • Remote Team Collaboration
    • Fix resource leak when a connection needs to be re-established

Changes in 7.3.0 (12/3/2022)

  • Multicloud (Redundant Cloud Storage)
    • Add configuration to set priority for one cloud storage over the other for performance and cost optimization
  • Morro Duplicate (Backup Morro File System to NAS or cloud)
    • Support duplicate to cloud object storage bucket
  • Archive Share
    • Support immutable modes of AWS S3 and Wasabi buckets
  • File System Operations
    • Admin can cancel prefetch operations from MCM > Devices > Maintenance > Cancel Prefetch
    • Added SMB session deadtime configuration. (Default is 1 week). Older version is shorter, so please adjust as needed.
  • Security enhancements
    • Manage Team Portal access permissions per user in MCM > Team > Authentication
    • Manage role-based permissions per Global Admin in MCM > Account
  • Device maintenance
    • Add maintenance time window for periodical clean-up tasks such as disk defragmentation in MCM > Devices > Advanced > Disks
  • Beta features (Limited Access) 
    • Preserve change time when backup/restore data using Robocopy
    • Multisite file lock for encrypted files

Changes in 7.2.9 (11/12/2022)

  • CacheDrive in proxy mode - access via MCM is now recorded in Morro Audit
  • memory leak fix

Changes in 7.2.7 (10/15/2022)

  • "Optimize for macOS clients" option for large folders (see notes for 7.2.2) fixes
    • Robocopy issues when a file has resource fork in xattr
    • Default settings when adding a new device
  • Diagnostics fixes 
    • Terminating multiple SMB sessions

Changes in 7.2.5 (9/24/2022)

  • Improvements in Diagnostics for CacheDrive
    • Upload queue now shows the files with the highest priority, the largest sizes, and users with the most uploading files
  • Morro Migrate
    • Better handling of SACL (System Access Control List)

Changes in 7.2.2 (9/9/2022)

  • Optimization for macOS clients
    • Performance option when macOS client opens large network share folder
    • This option applies to all shares. The default is OFF.
    • After ALL CacheDrives have been updated to 7.2.2, enable this option in MCM > Account > User Preferences > "Optimize for macOS clients"
    • When enabled, a macOS client's browsing large folders is faster. On the other hand, writing many small files could be slightly slower.
  • LDAP/JumpCloud auth mode improvements
  • Morro Audit and Diagnostics
    • Morro Audit: bug fixes
    • Diagnostics: improve upload status for large files

Changes in 7.2.0 (8/20/2022)

Caution: If updating from 7.1.6 or earlier, please perform the update when the CacheDrive upload queue is not large. 
  • Add disk defragmentation
    • Upgrade to 7.2.0 will take longer than usual if the disk already has large data and is fragmented.
    • Subsequent upgrades will not take as long if the disk is not fragmented heavily.
  • Archive Share
    • Support hot standby CacheDrive
  • Identity Management
    • More IDaaS options
    • Improvements for Azure AD Domain Services
    • Support LDAP on-prem option
  • Audit and Diagnostics
    • Improvements in Morro Audit
    • Improvements in Diagnostics, Disk Health, etc.
      • Alert emails are now sent when bad sectors exist. The existence of bad sectors is normal as they are replaced by spare sectors. ONLY a rapid increase of bad sectors in a small time window may indicate that the disk is in need of replacement. Please consult with Morro Support for questions.
    • Support scheduled reboot/shutdown
  • Team Portal
    • More granularity in role-based function management
    • "Manage Versions" function (for folder) is disabled until after updating all devices' firmware to 7.2.0.
    • GA (Global Admin) is not allowed to "Manager Versions" by default, and BA (Business Admin) needs to allow it explicitly by unchecking "Do not allow GA to manage all files as admin".
    • Regular users are not permitted to manage old versions in 7.2. This limitation will be removed after upcoming security updates.

Changes in 7.1.17

  • Performance improvement in handling large upload queue
  • Fix certain ACL cases in Morro Duplicate

Changes in 7.1.16

  • Fix to prevent cache swap-out when a client requests unusually large file size allocation

Changes in 7.1.15

  • CacheDrive caching swap-out bug fix in some situations

Changes in 7.1.13

  • Morro Migrate bug fixes
  • Morro Duplicate bug fixes
  • Fix memory leak in SMB file server

Changes in 7.1.11

  • SMB file server security patches and bug fixes
  • Fix for macOS Finder search 
  • Enhancements for Japanese language UI

Changes in 7.1.10

  • Fixes for Morro Migrate
  • Fixes for macOS files become inaccessible at sync destinations in certain situations
  • MCM Edit Security feature is now available to both the Business and Global Admins

Changes in 7.1.9

  • Fixes for Morro Migrate
  • Fixes for sluggish upload in certain situations
  • Update Japanese language translation in Morro Cloud Manager and Morro Audit

Changes in 7.1.7

  • This release is a recommended update for Backblaze B2 users.
  • Morro Migrate fix when the source is Public Cloud and destination is Morro Multi-cloud Redundant Storage Pool

Changes in 7.1.6

  • Fix for Backblaze B2 delete file issue

Changes in 7.1.5

  • Security updates
  • Various fixes in Morro Audit, authentication mode switching, Archive share, etc.

Changes in 7.1.2

  • When domain join status shows an error, add a Rejoin Domain button
  • Fix macOS share connection issue when Morro Audit is enabled on the share

Changes in 7.1.1

  • Add file locking support for SketchUp

Changes in 7.1.0

  • Multi-Cloud Redundancy for existing and new shares
    • for files in existing shares, redundancy is added when files are updated
  • Faster file transfer performance for large files
  • Faster disaster recovery for Archive shares
  • Add MCM UI for admin to:
    • help users find misplaced files/folders (MCM>Files>Location History button)
    • manually terminate SMB connections (MCM>Devices>Maintenance menu)
  • Add support for the following IDaaS authentication:
    • Okta
    • OneLogin
  • Microsoft Teams integration for alert messages
  • Morro Duplicate improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Starting from 7.1.0, the account settings option "Do not allow GA to access all files as admin" is now set to default ON.

Morro Connect Limitations

  • Some of the new features are not supported in the current Morro Connect 2 desktop app. Please see Morro Connect Release Notes for details.

Morro Edge 2.1

Morro Edge WAN 2.1 provides the following improvements:  
  • analytics
  • logs
  • firewall settings for Edge LAN
All Morro Edge devices should update to the 2.1 release. Please see the link below for details.

Morro Edge 2.1.0 Release Notes and Update Procedure

Previous Release Notes