Use the Team Portal section to access files directly from the cloud.

Note:  The following cloud service providers are supported by Morro Connect Team Portal:

  • Morro Cloud - Amazon S3 (Oregon, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Beijing, and Ningxia)
  • Morro Cloud - Wasabi (us-east-1 and us-west-1)
  • BYOS Amazon S3
  • BYOS Wasabi
  • BYOS Backblaze
  • BYOS Azure Blob

Shares that are not backed by a supported cloud service provider will not appear in the Team Portal section of Morro Connect.

Select a share to open the page for that share.

Create Folders and Upload Files

Create Folder

Create a folder by clicking the + icon in the lower right corner of the app and selecting "Create Folder".

Note: Shares cannot be created here. To create a share, administrators can go to the FILE SYSTEM page in MCM and click "Create Share".

Upload File

To upload files or folders, click the + icon in the lower right corner and select "Upload File". 


Click "Select File" or "Select Folder" to upload a file or folder respectively.  Select the file or folder to upload and click the UPLOAD button.  Alternatively, you can drag and drop a file or folder into the upload box, then click "UPLOAD".

Note: Up to 5GB or 1000 files may be uploaded at a time.

File Operations

The Team Portal supports several common file operations.

Manage Versions

Use Manage Versions to restore or delete previous versions of a file.


To recover or delete a previous version of a file, select the file in the pop and click "RECOVER" or "DELETE" respectively.  When restoring a file, the restored version will be placed in the current folder with a timestamp appended to the filename.

Deleted files are hidden by default.  To display deleted files, click the eye icon.


Download a file to your device.

Share Link

Share Link creates a link to a file that can be shared with someone outside of the organization.

Share Link

Use the options in the dialog box to set the email addresses, subject, and message.  You can also set the number of days before the link expires.


  • Share Link creates a separate link for each file selected. 
  • The link will be emailed to the recipient once the file is prepared for download. The length of time is dependent on the file size. Larger files will take longer to prepare.
  • S3 China Region does not support Share Link.


Use Rename to change the name of a file.



Move a file to a different folder or share.

Note: Files cannot be moved across storage pools.



Copy a file to a different folder or share.



Deletes a file from the share.  Deleted files can still be recovered using "Manage Versions".  To permanently delete a file, see Purge below.



Permanently delete all versions of a file from the system. Purged files cannot be recovered.

Note: Purge can only be performed by Business and Global Administrators.


Folder Operations

Folders can be renamed in the Team Portal.

Rename Folder