Date: 11/13/2017

Firmware: 2.2.0-Build3361

MCM Version: 2.2

Note: Version 2.2 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 2.2.0-Build3361 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 2.2.0-Build3361
  • [NEW} Introducing CacheDrive R1100

    CacheDrive R1100 is a 1U rackmount unit with 16TB of cache capacity. The R1100 is built on Intel Xeon Quad Core processor, ECC memory, enterprise-class hard disk drives, and supports 10GbE networking.

    R1100 is the most powerful Morro CacheDrive that supports up to 250 users with the subscription of CloudNAS Enterprise plan.

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version: 2.2.0

  • [NEW] Includes Active Directory Support for CloudNAS Business and CloudNAS Enterprise
    Manage users and groups using Active Directory.

  • [NEW] Includes Support for Windows ACL on folders and files.
    Windows ACL support for folders and files through the local network file server interface. Permissions can also be managed via Active Directory.
  • Improved Share Folder Options
    • [NEW] Limit upload bandwidth usage in the Time Shift Sync interface
      Adjust the upload bandwidth used when the sync window is open in time shift sync.

    • [NEW] Support ACL Settings in "Share Folder Security"
      Manage ACL settings for a share using the Share Folder Security area of the manage Share panel. The "Share Folder Security" is found in the Advanced Options section.

    • [NEW] Support SMB Share Options 
      Manage SMB share options in the "Advanced SMB share option" area of the manage Share panel. The "Advanced SMB share option" is found in the Advanced Options section.

  • Improved Device Information Panel
    Added the following information to the Device information panel.
    • [NEW] Upload progress bar
      Indicates progress of upload synchronization from the CacheDrive

    • [NEW] Download progress bar
      Indicates progress of Prefetch downloads to the CacheDrive

    • [NEW] Includes additional relevant information
      Updated layout of information in the detail info panel.

  • Improved Device Options
    • [NEW] Support Advanced Options for gateways
      Power users can add additional gateway options for advanced network needs.

  • Improved Team Management
    • [NEW] Support creating multiple users
      Add multiple users to the system at one time using the Create Multiple Users interface or a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

    • [NEW] Support export users
      Export the list of users from the system to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) File.

    • Improved secondary group display in USER and GROUP tab.

  • Improved Team Portal (FILES tab)
    • [NEW] Updated file management interface for file/folder operations.
      New and improved file/folder operations including: 
      • Copy and Move
      • Upload and Download multiple files or folders
      • Delete and Purge folders (including emptied, non-emptied, or deleted folders)
      • Sort file/folder list by name, size, date, or owner.
      • Find file/folder by name.
      • Improved UI to refresh web page automatically after file structure tree changes.

    • [NEW] File/Folder list access permissions
      Access permissions in Team Portal synchronize with the ACL settings on the CacheDrive's local file server interface.

    • [NEW] File share/lock mode indicator
      Display an appropriate icon for files that are in share mode or lock mode

    • [NEW] Redesigned user interface of team portal for standard Users

  • Improved Account management
    • [NEW] Support enhanced account preferences for Global Administrators
      Add options for the Business Administrator to set up permissions to account information. The options can be used by Managed Service Providers to set up Global Administrators.

  • Improved support for Bring-Your-Own-Storage
    • Improved interface to Backblaze B2
      Added support for multi-threaded upload, cache handling, and optimization for handling large-sized files.

  • Improved system functionality
    • Improved file upload with multiple requests
      Improves handling file uploading to increase efficiency in handling large files.

  • Bug Fixes 


  • For Morro Data accounts with more than one CacheDrive, all Devices need to be updated to the latest firmware in order to access the new features in V2.2
  • CloudDrive sevice plan supports one CacheDrive (gateway)
  • CloudNAS Basic service plan supports up to two CacheDrive (gateway) devices
  • CloudNAS Business service plan supports up to five CacheDrive (gateway) devices
  • CloudNAS Enterprise service plan supports up to 500 CacheDrive (gateway) devices
  • CloudNAS Business or CloudNAS Enterprise is needed to support CacheDrive T600
  • CloudNAS Enterprise is needed to support CacheDrive R1100 devices.
  • CloudNAS Business or CloudNAS Enterprise is needed to support advanced features of ACL integration and Microsoft Active Directory