There are three basic permissions (what is the permission level):

  • Full access (Read/Write or RW)
  • Limited access (Read-only or RO)
  • No access

There are three permission types (how the permissions are defined/controlled):

  • User based Share permission (including Guest access option)
  • Group based Share permission
  • Gateway based permission

The access permission will be eventually defined by the combination of Share Permission and Gateway Permission taking the most restricted permission control. For example, if an user has full RW permission for a given share, but on a Gateway the permission is read-only, then that User will have only RO permission to the Share. IF that Gateway is the only Gateway of the team account, then it means that share is read-only anyways.

Manage Permission in File System page

Gateway Permissions

When a Share is created, as an admin you specify how this share being access - "All Gateways" or "No Gateway". In either case, you can Edit the Gateway permission later.


In Mange Share panel, click the pencil icon next to "Gateway Permissions".


You can assign the permissions (read/write, read-only, or none) for each gateway. In this case, "SanFrancisco" is the local Gateway and "London" is the remote Gateway. "Team Portal" is the virtual gateway accessed via the web browser or Morro Connec


In this figure, the share has read/write (full access) from the San Francisco office (via SanFrancisco), read-only from the London Office, and is not accessible from the web-based Team Portal.

Make sure to go BACK to Manage Share panel and SAVE your changes.

User Permissions

Click the pencil icon next to "User Permissions" in the Manage Share panel to manage User and Group based Share permissions.


In the following image, the example shows a share with Guest Access disabled and default access set to "No Access". This means that users and groups not in the exceptions list cannot access the share. In exceptions list, groups "Accounting" and "Executive" are given Read/Write access and user "cjoseph" has Read-Only access permissions.


Allow Guest Access

If Allow Guest Access is enabled, any user on your network can access the share. You set this option when you create the Share.

For more information, refer to the article File System - Manage Pools and Shares.