This article covers the steps for installing a CacheDrive gateway in an existing Morro Solution.

If you are installing the Morro Solution for the first time, reference the article Morro Account Sign Up to create your account and install the first CacheDrive gateway in your system.

Add CacheDrive gateways from the DEVICES page.

Note: Procedures differ depending on if you are adding the CacheDrive from your local network or a remote network.

Prepare the CacheDrive for Installation

Step 1: Connect gateway to the network

Connect the device to the network with a network cable.

Note: Morro CacheDrive does not ship with a network cable. It is recommended to use a Cat6e cable for Gigabit performance.

Step 2: Power on the device

Select the correct power plug and connect it to the power adapter. Power on the device and wait a few minutes for the device to complete its initialization process.

Remote Installation:

If adding a Gateway at a remote office, make sure the device is connected to network and powered on with assistance from someone onsite. Make note of the UUID of the remote device. The UUID is printed on a label on the bottom of the device.

Note: The gateway must be in discoverable mode to added be to the Morro Solution. If a gateway is powered on and has not been registered within 8 hours, the device will deactivate discoverable mode. To re-activate discoverable mode, power cycle the device.

Add the Gateway

Log in to your team portal to open the Morro Cloud Manager and select the DEVICES page.

Click Add Gateway to open the Add Gateway panel.


Add Gateway Panel


Complete the following steps to add the gateway:

  1. Find the device
  2. Choose name
  3. Add comment (optional)
  4. Select accessible share
  5. Save

Step 1: Find the Device

The system will attempt to detect the device. The device can be found if it is on the same network as the computer used to add the device. If the system is unable to find the device or the device is on a different network, the user can manually enter the UUID (unique identifier) of the device.

Auto-Discover Device

For security reasons, once the device is powered on, it can be detected on the network for 8 hours. After the time has elapsed, you must restart the device in order for it to discoverable again.

Use the "Refresh" button to discover gateway on the network if it does not show up immediately.


Select the device by checking the box next to the correct device. If more than one device appears, be sure to verify the correct device using the Serial Number.

Manually Discover Device

When adding the gateway in a remote office location or on a different network, check the box "I want to enter UUID to add a remote device.".


Enter the UUID of the gateway in the UUID field and click "LOCATE GATEWAY BY UUID".

Step 2: Choose Name

Name the gateway. The name for the device must be unique across your Morro Solution.

Note: The system assigns a default name for the device when it is selected.

Step 3: Add Comment (optional)

Users may optionally add a comment for the device. The comment is a way to organize and differentiate between devices in the management console.

Step 4: Select Accessible Share

Select the Share Access Permission by choosing between All Shares (device can access all shares) or No Shares (device has access to none of the shares. Shares can be added manually in the FILE SYSTEM page.).

Note: It is recommended that No Shares be chosen and Shares should be added based on need. 

Step 5: Save Changes

Click ADD to complete the add Gateway process.

The gateway will appear in the Devices page.The gateway will download (downsync) any data for shares. If you choose "All Shares" during the Add process, it may take a while for the process to complete. During the process, the status will show a lightning bolt.


Once it's completed, the status will change to "on-line"


Step 6: Active Directory Mode

If the account is using Active Directory Mode. The CacheDrive needs to be added to the domain.

Go to the Team page

Click the Domain tab

Click "Join Domain"