Access to CacheDrives in Cloud (V23C1/V23C2) is done through a Morro Data supplied VPN.  Administrators can create VPN user accounts and change the pre-shared key using the Morro VPN app available in the Apps page in the MCM.

Configuring VPN Users

Note: VPN user accounts, which can only be used to login to the VPN to a CacheDrive in Cloud, are not the same as normal user accounts, which are used to login to shares, Team Portal, etc.

To configure VPN users, go to the Morro VPN app, then:

  1. Click on VPN Users.
  2. Select a CacheDrive in Cloud.
  3. Click Load.

You will then see a list of VPN users for this CacheDrive in Cloud.

To create a user: Click on the Add User button in the upper right corner of the users table.  Enter login names, descriptions, and passwords for the new users and click Apply.

To delete a user: Click the X in the user's row in the users table.

To edit a user: Click on the pencil icon in the user's row.

Configuring VPN Servers

To configure VPN servers, go to the Morro VPN app, then:

  1. Click on VPN Servers.
  2. Select the VPN server to configure.

You will then see options to change the pre-shared key and the IP address of VPN server and clients.  Make sure that this network block does not conflict with any existing IP address blocks in your network.