To access a CacheDrive in Cloud, you must create a VPN connection to the CacheDrive.  You will then be able to connect to your share as normal.

Connecting to CacheDrive in Cloud Using VPN

In Windows 10: 

  1. Go to Settings, then Network & Internet, then VPN.

  2. Click “Add a New VPN connection” and configure as shown below:

  3. Select a Connection Name that will help you identify this VPN connection.  Server name will be provided by Morro Data (generally in the form of vpn.$team_portal_url, where $team_portal_url is the URL of your Team Portal).  Contact your Administrator for the pre-shared key, user name, and password for your VPN account.  User name and password can be specified here or on each connection attempt for additional security.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select your new VPN connection and click Connect.

  6. If you opted not to provide the user name and password when creating the connection, you will be prompted for them here.
  7. When the VPN connection is completed, you will be able to access the shares on the CacheDrive using Windows File Explorer.

Known Issues

  • Xbox Live Networking Service can cause VPN connection failures.  To see if this is running, open services.msc in PowerShell or the console and scroll to Xbox Live Networking Service.  If it is running, try stopping the service and connecting over VPN again.

For more information about connecting to your share once the VPN connection is established, please see this KB article: