Version: 5.5

Updated on 6/29/2022

Changes Since 5.2

  • Support more cloud storage providers
  • Support larger files
  • Proxy support (PC Only). Please contact support for instruction.
  • Bug Fixes


  • We no longer provide the Store versions. So please download and install.
  • The download version needs “control”+ click to open when install or run the app.
  • Cannot login to Morro Connect as Admins in LDAP mode

Functions in CloudNAS 7.1 that are NOT SUPPORTED in Morro Connect 5.5:

  • User Authentication with IDaaS providers Okta and OneLogin
  • Shares using Cloud Storage Providers including IIJ, NEO, RSTOR
  • Shares with Multi-Cloud Redundant Storage that includes one of the above three Cloud Storage Providers
  • NTACL is not fully respected, so there may be security risks. Recommend to use Web based portal if you have concerns.