Date: 04/04/2019

Firmware: 4.1.11

MCM Version: 4.1.11

Note: Version 4.1.11 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 4.1.11 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 4.1.11

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version: 4.1.11
  • [New] Manage File Sync Exclusion List [Advanced Feature]
    Admins can specify the file types to exclude from sync based on file extensions or file naming rules.

  • [Update] Standard Application Locking Included for Remote Team Collaboration (RTC) for Revit¬†
    Supports application level file locking in the same was as Sync shares.

  • [Update] Improved Syncing During Collaboration in RTC
    Improved performance when saving collaboration designs for the first time.

  • Bug Fixes


  • Upgrading from firmware versions prior to 4.1.4 may take a longer time to complete.
  • Some functionality may require a change to the Share. Please modify the comment field and click "Save" to apply changes to the share.