There are four modes for managing users and groups in Morro Data:

  • Morro Users Mode
  • Active Directory Mode
  • Azure AD Mode
  • JumpCloud Mode

This section focuses on Users Mode which is the default mode for identity management.

User and Group Management

Morro Data has a built in identity management system that allows Administrators to create and manage users and groups to manage permissions in the Morro System. Users and Groups are used to manage permissions to access the Team Portal, Morro Connect, and shares in the CacheDrive.


In Morro Users Mode, there is an option to set the WORKGROUP to which the CacheDrives will belong. This works similarly to the Windows WORKGROUP.

Workgroup requirements include:

  • Only supported in Morro Users Mode
  • Limited to 15 characters
  • Is the same for all CacheDrives
  • Uses capital lettersĀ 
  • Is the NETBIOS name when using Active Directory Mode

Using the Morro Users Mode in a Domain environment

To use the Morro Users Mode in the Active Directory domain environment with a PC that is in the domain, the user may need to type '\' in front of the username to login to the CacheDrive.