Date: 04/30/2018

Firmware: 3.0.2

MCM Version: 3.0.2

Note: Version 3.0.2 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 3.0.0 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 3.0.2

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version: 3.0.2

  • [Updated] Versioning policy updates
    Fixed issues related to versioning policy.
    • Keep version after rename/move.
    • Keep version in Manager Version list after recovery.

  • [New] Advanced SMB Option - Strict Rename
    Added the option for specific applications that benefit from setting the strict rename option in SMB.

  • [Fixed] Save issue related to MS Word on macOS
    File does not sync to other other SGA and shows as deleted when editing a file in MS Word under some condition.
  • Bug Fixes