There are four modes for managing users and groups in Morro Data:

  • Morro Users Mode
  • Active Directory Mode
  • Azure AD Mode
  • JumpCloud Mode

This section focuses on how to set your account to Azure AD mode to manage your users.

To enable Azure AD mode, you must have an Azure AD user with the following API permissions:

  • Sign in and read user profile
  • Read all groups
  • Read directory data
  • Access user's data anytime

Enable Azure AD Mode

If you use Azure AD or Office 365, you can add your Morro Account to your Azure AD domain to manage users and groups.

If you are in Azure AD mode, do not use Morro Data to manage your users and groups. You can manage your users and groups from Azure AD and the changes will be synchronized with your Morro system.

To set the account to Azure AD mode:

1. Log in to your Team Portal.

2. Go to Teams from the navigation menu

3. Choose the tab Active Directory

4. From the droplist highlighted in red below, choose "Azure AD".

5. From the Azure AD page, click SWITCH TO AZURE AD MODE

6. The system will authenticate your permission to access your Azure account using the Microsoft authentication process. Enter the email and password.

7. Click Accept

Add Users and Groups

Once the Morro Data account is added to Azure, users can add themselves to the Morro Data solution. Users can add themselves by going to the Team Portal login page and enter their Office 365 login username and password.

Check the Team page to see the User and their Groups are imported into the system.

Figure 1: Azure users

Figure 2: Azure Groups

Accessing the CacheDrive

If the computer is not accessed using a work or school account, then the user will access the CacheDrive using a standard method: