Download Morro Connect 2.0

To install Morro Connect, download Morro Connect from:

Choose "Windows"

The installer is in a zip file titled Morro-Connect-v2.0-exe.

  • Unzip the file to extract the installer .exe file.
  • Start the installer by opening the .exe file.

Windows Defender SmartsScreen will first display a warning that the app is not recognized.

Click on "More Info" to see the Run anyway button.

Click Run anyway to continue with the installation.

Windows will display a warning that the file is not a signed Windows application.

Click Yes.

Follow the steps in the Installation Wizard.

Install Wizard

Step 1: Start the Installation process

Step 2: View the End-User License Agreement. Accept the agreement to continue.

Step 3: Choose the Installation location

The installer is copying the files to the computer and finalizing the installation process

Step 5: Click Finish to complete the installation process