Date: 05/27/2017

Firmware: 1.1.4-Build2895

MCM Version: 1.1.1

Note: Version 1.1.4 requires a firmware update for all devices to at least 1.1.1-Build2858 for all features to be available. Some features will be disabled or hidden if one device's firmware is not up to date. It is recommended that customer's update their firmware to the latest version.

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 1.1.4-Build2895

Release v1.1.3

Date: 05/20/2017

Firmware: 1.1.3-Build2874

MCM Version: 1.1.1

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 1.1.3-Build2874

Release v1.1.1

Date: 05/16/2017

Firmware: 1.1.1-Build2858

MCM Version: 1.1.1

Morro Cloud Manager

  • App version changed to 1.1.1

  • New Feature: Share Link
    Users can create a share link for a single file or for all the files in a folder from the File Manager in Team Portal.

  • New Feature: Show/Hide deleted files in File Manager in Team Portal
    Users can show or hide deleted files. Show deleted files to recover old versions of the file.

  • New Feature: Recover deleted files in File Manager in Team Portal
    Users can recover deleted files from the file manager in Team Portal.

  • New Feature: Purge files in File Manager in Team Portal
    Users can permanently delete files from the Morro Data system from Team Portal. Warning, once a file is permanently deleted, it cannot be recovered.

  • Improvement of Pre-fetch configuration
    Admins can specify if files in a storage pool are automatically downloaded to all CacheDrives.

  • Bug fixes

Morro CacheDrive

  • Firmware version 1.1.1-Build2858


  • For Morro Data accounts with more than one CacheDrive, all Devices need to be updated to the latest firmware (version1.1.1-Build2858) in order to access the new features in V1.1.1.