Using the Application

To use the application, Log in to add your first team.

  • Enter the team portal subdomain
  • Enter the Username
  • Enter the Password
  • Click NEXT to continue

The username and password is the network username and password associated with the account. The business administrator's credential cannot be used to add at team in Morro Connect.

Team Page

Each team is a collection of users, groups, shares, pools, and CacheDrives. In Morro Connect, the Team page shows a list of CacheDrives and Shares to which the CacheDrives have access on the local network connected to the client computer.

For security reasons, CacheDrives not on the local network as well as Shares to which the user or CacheDrives do not have permission to access are not listed in the Team page.

Users can belong to more than one team. Connect manages access to the network shares available for each team that the user belongs to.

Note: You cannot open a connection to a different shares on the same CacheDrive using two different sets of credentials.