Application's main menu consists of the following items:

  • File
  • Team
  • Window
  • Help


The file menu has the following options:

  • Close
  • Log Out


Exits the app.

Log Out

The Log Out function performs the following actions:

  1. Close out the main team listed in the Team list. 
  2. Close out connections to all teams. If you are have multiple teams, all teams will be removed. This function is used to remove all teams at once.


The team menu has the following options:

  • Add Team
  • Remove Team

Add Team

Select this item to add additional teams. 

  • Enter the team portal (subdmomain)
  • Enter the network username
  • Enter the password
  • Click ADD TEAM to finish.

Remove Team

Select this item to remove a team.

  • Select the team from them list

  • Click Remove to remove the team.


Choose to minimize the window to the tray.


Get help information for Morro Connect

Click Morro Connect Help to be redirected to the support topic lists for Morro Connect Support.