As the Global Admin you can login to Morro Cloud Manager to manage the Morro Account.

Click the Down Arrow button on the right of the blue header bar and select Account to bring up the "Manage" page.



Note: The Account Management page is ONLY available to Business and Global Administrators. Only the Business Administrator can change the payment information.

The Account Management page


Account Info

Team Name

This is the "Team Name" you entered when creating your Morro Account. The Team name also appears on your Team Portal under the Morro logo. Unlike the Team Portal URL which is not changeable once created, you can change the Team Name in this Account Manager page.

Global Administrators

You can select an existing standard user (from the drop down list) and promote the user as Global Admin. All the Global Admins will be listed here with Network username and Full name, you can delete a particular Global Admin by clicking the "Delete" button in front of its name.


For more information, reference this article on how to promote a Global Admin.

Message in User Dashboard

As an option, the Business Admin can enter a global message to all the users of this Morro Account. The message will be presented to all standard users when accessing the standard users' dashboard.

For example, the Business Admin can set up a message as below:


As a standard user, when accessing the Team Portal, the message will be displayed on the Dashboard page.


Message - User Verification Email

This option allows Business Admin to customize the email message sent to users when creating Users' account in the Team page of Morro Cloud Manager.

After any edits in the Account Info fields, click the SAVE button to save the changes.


Data Plan

The Data Plan section has the summary of the service plan under which your account is subscribed. For certain service plans, the section is a summary of your current Morro Cloud Storage plan, the Capacity and download usage as well as the Billing Period information.

CloudDrive Plan

CloudNAS Plan

CloudNAS Business and CloudNAS Enterprise


Upgrade the Service Plan to have access more features offered by the system.

For more information on service plans, please refer to the article What Service Plans Are Available.

Click USAGE DETAIL to review the itemized details of the account usage.

Payment and Billing Information

Only the Business Administrator can edit the payment and billing information. If you need to update this information, please contact your Business Administrator.

Billing History

All the account Billing History is available here for review or download. Click the download icon to download or review the historical billing info. You can also print or save the billing file for your continence.


CloudNAS, CloudNAS Business, CloudNAS Enterprise