To access your Profile as a Standard User, login to the Morro Cloud Manager with your credentials. On the top blue Header bar, click the "Down Arrow" button and select Profile.


The Profile page has General Info and Preferences.


General Info

Full Name

This is the Full Name for account profile. You can edit the Full name filed by typing/editing new Full Name and click SAVE button.


As it indicates you role is Standard User.


This is the Email associated with your user account. To change the email, enter a new email address and click SAVE. The system will send you an email (to the new email address) for verification.

Also reference this article on how to transfer your Business Admin account.


Password can be changed/updated here by entering a new password, confirming the password, and clicking SAVE button.



You can set the language by selecting a language in the drop-down list or use Auto Detect. Auto Detect will use the language of your browser

Time Zone

You can set the Time Zone by selecting a zone in the drop-down list or use Auto Detect. Auto Detect option will use the time of your client (PC or Mac).

Other Settings

You can check or uncheck the boxes for receiving System Alert Message or not in your email.

The "Help message" option allow you to show the pop-up how-to help topics when you login to with user account to the Team Portal. With this option, you can control if the Help message is shown or not. It functions the same as you click the "Don't show again" check box if you check this option.