To access your Profile page as a Global Admin, log in to the Morro Cloud Manager with your credentials. On the blue header bar, click the "Down Arrow" next to your username and select Profile.


The Profile page has panels: "General Info" and "Preferences".


General Info

Network Username

This is the user account name created in the Team page for you to access shares on the local network.

You cannot change the username once it is created. To manage the Network Users, go to the Team page.

Full Name

This is the full name for this user profile. You can edit the full name filed by typing/editing new name and click SAVE button.


Displays your current role. As it indicates, your role is Global Administrator.


This is the Email associated with your account. To change the email, enter a new email address and click SAVE.

The system will send you an email (to the new email address) for verification.


Use this section to change your password. You can change the password by entering a new password in the "Password" field. Passwords need to be confirmed before they can be saved. Enter the same password in the "Confirm Password" field. Click SAVE to retain changes.

Note: As an admin, you can change the password of network users on the team page. To change your own password, use the Profile page.



You can set your preferred language by selecting a language in the dropdown list. Use Auto Detect to use the language specified by your browser.

Time Zone

You can set the Time Zone by selecting a time zone in the dropdown list. Use Auto Detect to use the time of your client device.