On the DEVICES page, you can view detailed information about your devices. Each device has a badge associated with it.

In the badge, you will see the name, comment, and status icon for each device.  You will also see up to three upload gauges (for sync, replicate, and archive shares respectively) and a prefetch download gauge.

Click the "Show more" icon on the device badge to open the information panel to view detailed information about the device.


The figure below is an example of the device information available.


The device information panel has the following information:

ModelModel name of the device. For example, CacheDrive G40 is for Morro CacheDrive G40.
Serial NoSerial Number of the device.
Firmware VersionThe version of the firmware software installed on the device. When there is a new version, the downward pointed arrow icon will be displayed on the device icon. Mouse over the arrow icon to see the new version number.
LAN IP AddressThe IP address of the device on the local network. By default, the IPv6 format is displayed if available. The device also supports IPv4.
WAN IP AddressThe IP address of the network the device is installed on over the Internet.
UUIDThe unique identification number for your device
Cache SizeCache storage space (excludes upload buffer size)
Status IndicatorOn-line/Off-line status indicator
Upload StatusDisplays current upload information and stats
Prefetch StatusDisplays current prefetch information and stats

When your device is functioning properly (powered on and connected to the network) in the system, the status indicator will be green. The green indicates the gateway is online and functioning properly. If your device is not connected and functioning correctly with the system, it will show a red dot with an 'x' next to the device.

Gateway On-line
Gateway Off-line

For the full list of possible device statuses, go to: