You can access your networked file or document when you are connected to the Internet where the file is stored. And you also can access local copies of the file when your network has been interrupted such as an outage of your Internet service.

When a file is copied into your networked Morro Gateway device, the file is transmitted to the cloud for backup and file sharing, while it keeps a local copy for quick access. And when the file is not used in a while, the system may not keep a local copy of the file but will retrieve the file from cloud when it is needed. This is a stub file and is symbolically represented by a file icon with an X.

When there is an interruption with your Internet service, the local copies of your networked files are referred to as being offline. Meaning, that you can access local copies of the files. Stub files are the ones symbolically represented with a file icon without the X on them and are unavailable when the Internet is disconnected.