Manage the users and groups for your account from the TEAM page.

To manage users, you must be logged into your team portal as a Business Administrator or Global Administrator

Manage Users

Choose the USER tab to manage Users in the Morro Account.

There are three types of users:

Business Administrator

The user that created the account when signing up for Morro Cloud Storage is the Business Administrator. Only one Business Administrator is associated with each account. The Business Admin is a super user with access to every part of Morro Cloud Manager and is used to promote users to Global Admins and to manage the billing information and storage plans for the account. When you create the Morro Data Account, the email address provided at the beginning of the Sign Up process is the Business Administrator for the account.

Global Administrator

Global Admins can administer the Morro Cloud Manager including creating standard Users for the account. Global Admins do not have permission to promote users to Global Admin nor do they have permission to manage billing information or storage plans.

Standard User

Standard users have access to files on the Morro Cloud Manager. They can be created by either the Business Admin or Global Admins.

Note: When you create your Morro Data Account, you are the Business Administrator for the account.

Built-in Administrator

The Built-in Administrator is a user that is created automatically when the Morro Data Account is created. The built-in user is created to access CacheDrive via SMB protocol with network username 'Admin' and the same password as the Business Admin initially, and then managed independently thereafter.

The password of Built-in Admin can be changed in the Manage User panel.

The password of Business Administrator can be updated in the "Profile" page when logged in as the Business Admin.

Create User

Click "Create User" to open the Create User panel.

Create User Information

In the panel is up, you can add a new user by entering a Network User name, Full name, and an email address.

Network User name

The username used to when accessing the Shares and Team Portal for the account. The network user name must conform to the requirements specified for SMB access of your user's client computer environment.  Once the account is created, the network user name cannot be changed. To change the network user name, delete the account and create a new one with the new network user name.

Full Name

The full name of the user. The full name is displayed in emails, notifications, and other communications with the 


The email address belonging to the user the account is being created for. The email address is used to verify the user.

Primary Group

Each user must be a member of at least one group, which is referred to as the primary group. A group cannot be deleted if it is the primary group for a user.

Secondary Groups

Users can belong to multiple groups. Set the user's group membership to adhere to your security settings.

Click the CREATE USER button to complete the process. An email will be sent to the user to verify the user account and to create password.

Edit or Delete User

To Edit or Delete the User's profile, click on the user from the list of users to open the Mange User panel.

User Information

You can edit the Full name, Email address, Primary Group and Password for the user.

Click SAVE to complete the process.

Click DELETE to remove the user from the account.

Manage Groups

Administrators can create and modify groups and assign users in the groups. These groups are referred to as secondary groups. Each group can be assigned Read/Write, Read Only or No Share Access privileges. A User must belong to one primary group. The User can belong to one or many secondary groups.

In the example below, Group "Americas" is selected with Group Details panel showing editable fields.

Create Group

Click the "Create Group" buton to open the Create Group panel.

Once the panel is up, you can add a new Group in the Panel with group name and description. Then click on CREATE GROUP button to confirm the Group creation.

Edit or Delete Group

To Edit or Delete a Group, click the Group from the list of groups to oepn the Manage Group panel.

Group Information

You can modify the Group Description and add or remove users from the group memberhips.

Click SAVE to complete the process.

Click DELETE to remove the group.

Note: If a group contains users who have this group set as their Primary Group, then the group cannot be deleted. You must reassign the user to a different group as their Primary Groups to delete the group.